2018 Dodge Charger vs 2017 Dodge Charger l Chicago IL

2018 Dodge Charger vs 2017 Dodge Charger | Chicago IL

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Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Charger


The 2018 Dodge Charger has a character that can not be found anywhere else. Therefore, you should welcome the presence of this version of the 2018 Charger and enjoy every moment with it. The recipe for this Dodge automobile is successful.

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Charger's Overview

Differences between 2018 & 2017 – Exterior

Completely redesigned, two words are enough to describe the design of this big sedan: muscles and modernism. On the side, the 2018 Dodge Charger sports a silhouette that is more masculine than the 2017 Dodge Charger, mainly because of the strong ascending lines of its bodywork. LED strip headlights give it a modern look and a distinctive visual signature.

In addition to some visual changes from the 2017 Dodge Charger, it adds even more powerful brakes than the 2017 model. Thanks to the different driving modes offered to the driver via the central touchscreen, you can adjust all the parameters (suspension, steering, traction, transmission, etc.). The two large tailpipes of the dual exhaust system are a distinctive feature of the Rally versions and allow the 3.6-liter V6 engine to release extra power. Many will also agree that the automobile imposes respect and exudes a lot of manhood because of its imposing overhang and dominant forms on its front cover.

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Charger's Exterior

A pre-owned 2018 version is also available with HEMI engines. Combine this with big 20-inch black rims, an intimidating front end with its very unobtrusive air intake on the hood and a purr that can wake up the dead, and you get an American sedan that leads wide and has a unique personality in the market.

I must congratulate the Dodge engineers here on the successful creation of an upgrade from the 2017 sports sedan. From behind, the automobile discreetly displays its colors, and its small spoiler merges with its rear end. Indirectly, it competes with the BMW M5 and Jaguar XJR. This car can also be equipped with 19-inch chrome wheels, which gives it an even more macho look, worthy of the most prominent vehicles in this segment.

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Charger's Interior

Differences between 2018 & 2017 – Interior

The volume is ample for five adults and their luggage thanks to a large trunk. The infotainment system is both the most beautiful and the most user-friendly on the market and most of the specifications expected in a sedan are present. Although it is large, the steering wheel is thick and is very well in hand. This automobile knows how to charm us.

The touchscreen and large icons also make the job easier. There are also several commands, including those of the adaptive cruise control system and voice recognition. Since the last overhaul of the automobile, we have also seen an improvement in the quality of the materials used.

Despite the fact that this sedan seems to be emerging from the past, the technology used in the cabin should be a model for many manufacturers. For the rest, the automobile is very comfortable for all its occupants. Also, the shift paddles behind the steering wheel are easily accessible and easy to handle.

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Charger's Mechanical

As you know, the external dimensions of the automobile are particularly impressive. The sports seats offer support in line with the skills of this sedan while remaining very comfortable. The driver and front passenger will also undoubtedly appreciate the side support of the places while the rear passengers are even entitled to a bench seat on some models.

Fortunately, the cabin is proportionally designed, so it is very spacious. Inside, the controls are uncluttered and all easy to access. Although the multimedia system requires some adaptation time, it is still quite easy to navigate through the different menus. Consequently, in case you find yourself wanting to buy this automobile around the Chicago area, I am also confident you will save at Antioch Dodge, serving Chicago Kenosha Antioch Fox Lake.

Differences between 2018 & 2017 – Mechanical

Combined with an excellent and high-speed eight-speed automatic transmission, this motor allows acceleration and recovery that have no equal and the recorded times are faster than a Ford Mustang GT. The drive wheels are located at the rear, which is ideal for countless reasons. The tires, huge Pirelli P Zero 275 / 40ZR20 are undoubtedly hard, but they keep in touch with the road with a rare toughness, even in fast turns.

This power should be expected with such a motor and a weight of 4400lbs, and I must admit that you will probably not be the most tender with the accelerator because you will not resist this melody that emanates from the rear exhaust.

Differences between 2018 & 2017 – Safety

Surprisingly, the braking is very powerful with large ventilated discs and massive calipers. Also, the Charger comes in several versions, starting with the SXT 3.6-liter V6 engine. Although super gasoline is recommended, the motor is very suitable for regular gas.

The presence of this significant V8 is felt at all times, even at startup. This car is also candy for a baby boomer. Once the inner ear is satiated by the surges of the G-forces and the hearing of the exquisite sound of the engine, what remains? The answer is the pleasure of driving. Remember, in the event you wind up attempting to purchase this car around the Chicago area, I am convinced you would save at Antioch Dodge, serving Chicago Kenosha Antioch Fox Lake.