2019 RAM 1500 vs 2019 Ford F-150 l Chicago IL for Sale in Antioch IL l Chicago area

2019 RAM 1500 vs 2019 Ford F-150 | Chicago Illinois

2019 RAM 1500 vs 2019 Ford F-150 | Chicago Illinois
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2019 RAM 1500 vs 2019 Ford F-150

Trucks continue to be among the best-selling vehicles in the United States, and manufacturers are coming up with more sophisticated models every year in their quest for market dominance. The latest model rivals serving Antioch Gurnee Chicago Illinois market today is the 2019 RAM and the 2019 Ford F-150 pickup models. Automakers are adding more unique and stylish features to their trucks, and this article will give you a more comprehensive comparison review of 2019 RAM 1500 vs. 2019 Ford F-150 pickup models.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Overview

Engine and Transmission

The 2019 RAM comes with a V8 for the top engine, 5.7-liter, 395 horsepower as well as 410 pound-feet torque. It’s designed with some extra fuel-saving technologies plus the optional 48-volt mild-hybrid system on RAM V8 which boosts the fuel economy.

The 2019 Ford F-series, on the other hand, comes with 5.0-liter for the top engine V8, a twin-turbocharged V6 and a capacity of 3.5-liter range-topping engine. The F-150 Raptor comes with improved Ford features which produce up to 450 horsepower and 510 of pound-feet torque.

The RAM models are designed to use eight-speed automatics with exceptions to V6 and V8 while the F-150 model uses a ten-speed automatic. These two pickups now have diesel engines, which consume varied fuel quantities depending with the terrain. Engine and transmission are key factors that you need to consider before buying any truck serving Antioch Gurnee Chicago Illinois.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Exterior


Over time, the interior designs of different trucks have revolutionized as evidenced by the various models in the market today. Although the Ford F-150 pickup model has dominated the market for a while when it comes to spacious interiors, the RAM 1500 has taken the interior features a notch higher.

2019 RAM has an expansive center console that is spacious, and there is a good number of small pockets as well as cargo bins in the pickup cabins. The Antioch RAM charger is unique as it offers wireless device charging option.

When driving in higher trims, the rear seats are designed to recline to offer maximum comfort. Besides, the two models have a good number of USB ports to aid the driver and other users with connectivity and charging options.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Interior

Cargo Carrying Option

The 2019 RAM 1500 has the most sophisticated design when it comes to cargo option. It is designed with an in-bed cargo box that is spacious and deep to accommodate a large volume of cargo. The cargo boxes are fitted with lockable lids on top of bedsides. The F-150 models do not have an in-bed cargo storage space with lockable lids. The Antioch RAM trucks can carry more cargo and keep them safely compared to the F-150 new model.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Cargo

Weight Shedding

One of the inspirations for redesigning modern truck models is to reduce the weight of the entire truck body by using lighter materials. The Ram model started with the ladder frame, which helps the new truck model shed 100 pounds.

Today, the automaker is continuously using the high-strength steel and aluminum to most parts and exteriors. The 2019 RAM model lost up-to 225 pounds compared to its previous model thanks to the use of Aluminum parts on the tailgate and hood.

The F-150 model uses aluminum materials for all its exterior body panels, which have helped the latest Ford F-150 model save up to 732 pounds. The new Ram model has also redesigned its windshield, roof design and grille shutter in its effort to shed more weight.

Off-road Version

The 2019 RAM Rebel model continues to be a robust off-road variant due to its suspension lift. Besides, the 2019 RAM is fitted with locking rear differential, off-road tires and skid plates. The Rebel also contains the hill-descent control plus upgraded shocks, which ensures the truck is always fit. From the look of things, the Rebel will continue to get a unique black grille coupled with a bold Rebel badging.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is the model to beat when it comes to off-road variants. Ford F-150 Raptor is powered by high-output EcoBoost V6 and 510 pound-feet of torque. It’s designed with all other features for off-road variant including sturdy tires and wheels, shock absorbers and skid plates.

The Ford F-150 models have a revised rear bumper, and it comes with rear-exit dual exhaust outlets that are similar to those of RAM 1500.

Driving Experience

Our driving sample experience brings out substantial differences that the two truck models have to offer. The 2019 RAM model brings out outstanding driving experience due to its unique features such as sharp steering capability, impeccable infotainment, complete refinement and breathtaking huge V8 engine.

Our driving experience with the 2019 Ford truck was mostly captured by the impressive fuel economy. The turbocharged gasoline V6s, the 3.5 output plus the 2.7 liters gives this truck a high torque, which eventually makes it drive perfectly. The interiors are not that classy compared to the 2019 RAM. The 2019 RAM model offered the best driving experience ever.

Based on the above comparison of 2019 RAM 1500 vs. 2019 Ford F-150 models, it is with no doubt that automakers Chicago area are continuously improving the truck models to suit different client tastes and preferences. The new RAM model is more sophisticated and comes with better driving experience and comfort compared to the Ford F-1500 model.

Contact a reputable car dealer in Chicago area Illinois and get yourself this new revolutionary truck with a unique class.

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