Signs You Need Your Cars Engine Repaired or Replaced


Do you need your engine repaired or replaced?

Most drivers in the Antioch, IL area know that a 'check engine' light can mean anything from a broken O2 sensor to an imminent explosion. Not all issues with engines are catastrophes that require repair or replacement, but there are several warning signs drivers need to look out for. Listening and observing your vehicle's habits can lead to early diagnosis of engine trouble, and less chance of your engine needing to be replaced. 

Rough idling or a noticeable loss in power. Most modern engines rely on a four-stroke combustion cycle to make a vehicle move. A loss of power or rough idling means there is an issue somewhere in the four-stroke cycle. Rarely does this mean your engine needs to be replaced, but there may be a lingering issue that requires some attention. 

Banging or knocking noises. Any engine noise that sounds like someone is using power tools under your hood requires instant attention. It usually means that a bearing has failed near the crankshaft or where the connecting rods meet the pistons. At this point, you need to stop driving your car. The more you continue to drive a vehicle with a failed bearing, the larger the repair will eventually be. 

Smoke of various colors. Any change in the color of your exhaust could indicate an issue with your engine that warrants attention. 
  • White smoke indicates a blown head gasket or damage to one or more of your cylinder heads. White smoke means that coolant and water are leaking into your exhaust system. The cause is likely an engine that was running too hot to begin with. The cylinder heads will need to be removed to determine the extent of the damage.
  • Blue smoke means that your engine is burning oil. Oil getting past seals due to wear or damage causes oil to leak into the engine. These are among the hardest problems to diagnose because they can originate at the front or back of the engine...or both.
  • Black smoke signals that your engine is running rich. Too much fuel is forced in the engine with too little oxygen to burn it up. It can indicate serious trouble, but it could also require less extreme methods than a full rebuild. This issue typically means that the air/fuel mixture needs to be adjusted. 

A noticeable drop in gas mileage. A noticeable drop in gas mileage is likely linked to an issue in your fuel system. It's best to start with a fuel cleaner and then move on to more invasive procedures, such as a tune-up or fuel system service, to properly correct the issue. 

Strange smells from your exhaust. Strange smells from your exhaust typically mean that your exhaust stroke is about to fail. This is a sign that your engine needs help from a professional as soon as possible. 

Any driver in the greater Antioch, IL area who experiences one or more of these issues in their engine needs to make an appointment with our auto service center as soon as possible. Contact our team through our website or by phone to get more information about engine repair and replacement in the Antioch, IL area. 

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