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2018 Dodge Durango vs 2017 Dodge Durango | Chicago IL

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Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Durango


The 2018 Dodge Durango provides more efficiency as well as more personality than the 2017 Dodge Durango. This car is also at the top of a very competitive market. The 2018 Dodge Durango is consequently like a middle-weight expert boxer instead of a heavyweight that is a little too messed up.

Differences between the 2018 & 2017 Dodge Durango – Exterior

The wings and flanks are well curved, without any frills, and with just enough muscle. As well as right smack-dab in the front, you have a thinly trimmed down black grill, a couple of air flow intakes as well as LED headlights. The Durango was all new for 2018, with a grill and front and rear fascias that were redesigned when compared to the 2017 Dodge Durango. The Durango is also entitled to a hood whose sizeable functional intake feeds its engine oxygen, as well as a pair of grills that evacuate heat to enhance performance at the same time.

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Durango's Overview

Differences of the between the 2018 & 2017 Dodge Durango – Interior

I highly recommend this 2018 car if, of course, your budget allows it (it is reserved for high rollers). On the other hand, a simple digital compass tells us the right way instead of a navigation system. I must admit that I also like the digital button that automatically lowers the 3rd-row headrests to increase rear visibility. The construction is impressive, in case you did not know by now, and the Durango is also more refined than some full-size competitors who still rely on a truck chassis. Most people will also find the car very spacious.

The backup camera mentioned earlier includes lines that actively guide us in our maneuvers, while Bluetooth technology allows streaming audio and the secure synchronization of our smartphones. Behind the steering wheel, the high-end TFT display instrumentation immediately catches the eye; it has a myriad of functions and remains clear and legible regardless of the outdoor lighting. Indeed, the multimedia screen is impressive.

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Durango's Interior

Also, the bench seat (or the optional pair of captain’s chairs) folds easily to give free access to the rear row, that is well-appointed and bulky enough to seat adults of standard size. The interior of the Dodge Durango also meets the expectations of luxury, and the impressive sound of the doors that close, the silence of the cabin when driving at high speed and the behavior of the vehicle on the road make us believe in a high-end product. In fact, it is closer to authentic full-size SUVs, offering plenty of legroom in the middle row.

Also, if you have not already tried a Durango with the optional Uconnect display, let me tell you that the experience is entirely different. Along with the center of a better-presented dashboard, you can have an Uconnect optional display on which one can merely explore the numerous selections, comparable to those present in other similar cars. Inside, we see thick leather and a beautiful texture on the chairs as well as an electronic selector, an upgrade from the 2017 model, for the automated transmission on the center console.

This dash is considerably more pleasurable as well as effective when compared with the buttons of the previous 2017 model. Bear in mind, in the event you ultimately find yourself considering this automobile around the Chicagoland area I am confident you will save at Antioch Dodge, serving Chicago Kenosha Antioch Fox Lake.

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Durango's Interior

Differences between the 2018 & 2017 Dodge Durango – Mechanical

Large Goliath alloy wheels that are twenty inches in inside diameter as well as ten inches broad, in the dark satin finishing, complete the picture, shod with tires size 295 / 45ZR20. We also have discs of 380 mm in the front as well as three hundred and fifty mm in the rear, compressed by stirrups Brembo six pistons ahead and four pistons behind, nicely painted red. Under the hood, the same HEMI 6.4-liter rocker V8 purrs in the engine compartment of the Cherokee, an intimate cousin developed on a smaller type of the identical structure. With 470 lb-ft of torsional power in reserve, the car has a 0-60 mph sprint of four point four mere seconds and a twelve point nine second quarter of a mile, which you will probably be happy to check at the first opportunity.

While we’re at it, an active driving session will also bring out the very impressive lateral support of the front seats. This big beast, amazingly agile, handles curves quickly, with a linear as well as precise direction, controlled by a steering wheel whose rim is flat on the bottom, as dictated by current fashion. The car can also come rolling on the non-obligatory Pirelli tires, which are more aggressive with extremely minimal deterioration. Remember, we can indeed have fun taunting the rules of Newton, despite a high weight, but we will never thwart them./p>

Chicago Illinois - 2018 Dodge Durango's Mechanical

Differences between the 2018 & 2017 Dodge Durango – Safety

Everything is appropriately controlled and controlled by fully adjustable Bilstein dampers, along with the currently recognizable miracle of electronic components. This Durango is therefore also entirely comfortable and safe to drive. The roll is almost nil, despite the height of the body, thanks to a suspension whose springs were tightened at the fore as well as at the back axle, with a steeper rear anti-roll bar. Keep in mind, should you want to buy this Dodge vehicle around the Chicagoland area, I am persuaded you will save at Antioch Dodge, serving Chicago Kenosha Antioch Fox Lake.