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2019 RAM 1500 vs 2018 RAM 1500 | Chicago Illinois

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Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500


This new truck is recognizable by its various chiseled grilles all bearing a large script “RAM,” like the Laramie 2017 versions. Ford lovers can, however, also find a little something off the front of the Ford Ranger in this new 1500.

Differences of the New versus Old Model – Exterior

The automobile also has a tailgate now made of aluminum and equipped with a device for opening and closing assistance. The high-end versions also have the exclusivity of new optical blocks with a tapered look with self-directional projectors. On the other hand, at the rear, the dual-bearing shape of the new bumper will further facilitate boarding. We can see on the side of the bonnet the presence of a beautiful logo also in chrome which should give a little more visual standing to the pickup.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Overview

At first sight, there seems to be no fault of taste or error for this new 1500 which will ensure the bulk of sales from the 2019 vintage, but it will also go hunting for customers on the lands of the Ford F-150 and of the Chevrolet Silverado. This best-selling pickup truck has had a makeover. We discover a significant pick up that evolves quite profoundly in its look with including a fully redesigned front panel that incorporates new headlights, a new chrome shield, a new grille and a redesigned engine cover.

Regarding the undercarriage, the 2019 RAM 1500 takes over the chassis and running gear of the current model, but the engineers took care to make it all evolve. Note also the beautiful chrome logo inserted in the grille and a new air intake in the front bumper. Maybe this is just an impression, but the body seems simplified in its design or at least smoothed. Therefore, it was a modernized and lightened 2019 RAM 1500 that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show. Finally, personalization being at the heart of the commercial strategy of this type of vehicle, the manufacturer will offer a dozen colors for the body, including four new colors, and nothing less than 16 different models of wheels, from 18 to 22 inches in diameter.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Exterior

Differences of the New vs. Old Model – Interior

The RAM cabin has also evolved from the 2018 model and was updated for more functionality, comfort, and connectivity thanks to the latest version of the UConnect infotainment system. The seats are full, heated, comfortable and ventilated. Also, the Crew Cab model comes equipped with rear seats. On its own, the cab gains 4 inches In length, compared to the 2018 RAM 1500, a change that allows the occupants of the back seat to tilt its backrest to 8 degrees.

The plastics and some adjustments are also updated from the 2018 RAM 1500 and do not disappoint. Therefore, the presentation confirms the ambitions of the manufacturer to offer a pickup that is more luxurious than its competitors (and it is the case). This truck is, therefore, above the standard level of quality expected for the category.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Interior

Compared to the model it replaces, this new light truck is slightly longer, broader and higher. The gearbox lever, it disappears in favor of a wheel, and this is very convenient. For example, the central armrest is the width of a seat. Passengers in this automobile will benefit from a 12″ touchscreen multimedia system, as well as a fourth-generation Wi-Fi enabled Uconnect telecommunication system incorporating Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto systems. Remember, if you plan to purchase this vehicle in the Chicago area you ought to contact Antioch RAM, serving Chicago Antioch Fox Lake Kenosha.

Differences of the New vs. Old Model – Mechanical

Off-road enthusiasts will also likely appreciate the new all-terrain suspension with performance type shock absorbers, electronic rear axle lock, and a standard system. Also, the V6 EcoDiesel will be offered again. On the engine side, the new 1500 truck will repeatedly offer the choice of a Pentastar V6 3.6L and 305 hp and a V8 Hemi 5.7L and 395 hp, engines paired with an automatic transmission.

Chicago Illinois - 2019 RAM 1500's Mechanical

Note that the manufacturer will also offer a non-eTorque version of the Hemi V8. This system, which should make these engines a little less energy consuming, uses a belt-driven alternator and a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 0.43 kWh, for operating an automatic stop-start device at idle. The manufacturer also tells us that the maximum payload is now 2,300 lbs and the maximum towing capacity is 12,700 lbs.

What’s more, the energy produced during braking is recovered to increase the V6’s torque by 90 lb-ft and the V8 by 130 lb-ft. Built at the Sterling Heights, Michigan plant, the truck for 2019 will be on sale this quarter. If the power of these 1500 truck engines remains unchanged from the 2018 models, the situation is different for their torque which increases thanks to a new limited hybrid eTorque system. Of course, there is the V6 3.6 L Pentastar, V8 5.7 L HEMI blocks, to which will be added the V6 3.0 L diesel from the FCA group. Under the hood, the fresh 1500, therefore, offers a few engines.

Differences of the New vs. Old Model – Safety

A variety of safety and driver assistance features are available, including a frontal collision warning system, adaptive cruise control, an anti-towing device for the trailer and a parking assistance system. Think about it, and if you wish to buy this automobile in the Chicago area, you should contact Antioch RAM, serving Chicago Antioch Fox Lake Kenosha.